Norma Group

NORMA Group sponsors joining products for racing team TUfast

Maintal/Munich, Germany, February 22, 2017 – NORMA Group, a global market leader in engineered joining technology, is supporting TUfast e.V., the Formula Student Team of the Technical University of Munich, with plastic SV hose connectors. These connectors are used in the cooling water system of the two racing cars that the team designs and constructs for the 2017 season. The racing team will use the two vehicles to compete against some 600 other student teams in world competitions.

Since we are always happy to support the training and promotion of talented young people, we are enthusiastic about the TUfast e.V. team’s ambitious practice project,” says Werner Deggim, CEO of NORMA Group. “Of course, this will also require high-quality joining products that remain reliably sealed even under high loads and can be installed very quickly and easily,” he added.

Because our vehicles are regularly brought to their limits during the races, we need joining parts that we can rely on,” says Michael Betz from Team TUfast e.V. “We also need support from the industry for racing car development. That is why we are very pleased that NORMA Group has provided us with joining products in such a quick and uncomplicated manner.

TUfast is a Technical University of Munich student project that was started in 2002. The team’s approximately 80 students develop and build two racing cars annually – one with an internal combustion engine and one with an electric drive. In the Formula Student competitions, international teams compete in the categories of construction, performance, financing and cost planning. In 1979, the Society of Automotive Engineers (SAE) founded the Formula SAE in the US, from which Formula Student came in 1999.