Norma Group

Within the Sitemap, select an existing document and choose "new Topic". The new document will be created in the level below the selected document.

The "create new document" window appears:

The Sort number determines the position of the document in the sitemap. This number is filled automatically and can be changed.
The Page Type determines which content layoput should be used to create and show the document.

Click on OK to create the document.

Within the document itself:
Enter a Page-ID. The Page-ID is used to create links to the document from other pages and should only be changed with care once the document has been saved.
The Titel can be edited here.

The Sitemap-Position and Sort Number can be edited at any time.

If the document should appear in the navigation, enter the details under Navigation; note the tick for "Display document in Navigation".
The Navigations-Text is the text shown in the Main and Top navigation. The Short-Text is used for the Breadcrumb navigation.

The document will first be visible in the browser when it has been released using the option "Approve Page" :