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There are two types of teaserbox datasource - one shows one or more images and when the user clicks on an image the link leads to a new page. The second also shows one or more images, but when the user clicks on the image a light box opens with a larger version of the same image.

Note: It is also possible to create links to the pictures added under "Layout", using the option "create Link":

The first example shows the teaser box with "large picture pop up". Here you have to select individual pictures or a category of pictures from the resouces:

The second example shows a teaser box with links to other pages. Here you have to select the documents to which the links should lead. The picture shown is always the first picture from the page. If the chosen document does not contain an image then a dummy picture is used.
The images are automatically scaled to 133px × 159px.

Galerie (Überschrift für eine Teaserbox)

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