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Twelve new trainees at NORMA Germany in Maintal

Maintal, Germany, 1 September 2014 – NORMA Germany GmbH („NORMA Germany“), a subsidiary of NORMA Group, welcomed twelve young professionals to the company's headquarters in Maintal who will start their apprenticeships or work-study programmes from September 2014. Over the next three years, the junior employees will train to become mechatronics technicians, tools engineering and industrial technicians, industrial administrators, specialists for warehouse logistics or, in a part-time degree course, Bachelor of Business Administration. This brings the number of trainees and dual system students at NORMA Germany to 42.

The management welcomed the latest NORMA Germany employees on 1 September 2014 in Maintal. “It is a pleasure to welcome you all and assist you in the first steps of your careers”, said Gerhard Wulz, CEO of NORMA Germany. During the new joiners event, the apprentices were also welcomed by the works council and the head of HR. “You, the employees, are our most valuable asset”, said Sabine Heim, head of HR at NORMA Germany. “We offer you the opportunity to get passionately involved in NORMA Germany and contribute to sustainably shaping the company’s future.”

NORMA Germany is committed to systematically developing junior staff, and will continue the tradition in the educational year 2014/2015. “Giving young people high-quality training is not just part of our social responsibility for us; it also helps us pursue our goal of growing the company long-term”, said CEO Gerhard Wulz. The young professionals are offered international internships that introduce them to the diversity that comes with a globally operating company and also help trainees build their own networks and develop their cross-cultural skills. “Permanent employment of the graduates is guaranteed as part of the works agreement,” said Klaus Ditzel, chairman of the works council at NORMA Germany.

NORMA Germany currently offers to train young professionals in eight administrative and technical jobs: industrial administrator, specialist for warehouse logistics, electronics technician for technical equipment and installation, industrial mechanic, machine and plant operator, mechatronics technician, process technician and tools technician. Young talents can also earn a Bachelor of Engineering in industrial engineering, mechanical engineering and mechatronics and a Bachelor of Arts in Business Administration at the Berufsakademie Frankfurt/Offenbach and the Technical University of Darmstadt.

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