Norma Group

corporate responsibility

Compensation - Rewarding performance

NORMA Group wishes to attract and keep qualified, committed employees. It therefore attaches special importance to just compensation and profit-sharing, as well as fair treatment of temporary workers.

Using variable compensation systems, NORMA Group aims to promote its employees’ stake in the company’s success and further growth. We use regular benchmarks to ensure that our staff receive wages and salaries that are in tune with the market, performance-related, in keeping with their responsibility and gender-neutral. Furthermore we ensure throughout the group that all compensation and social benefits at least meet local legal norms and standards.

Reward and motivate

A central element of our compensation system is profit-sharing. Our business success is largely dependent on our employees’ commitment and motivation. We therefore consider it logical for them to receive a share of company profits. This sharing shows acknowledgement and appreciation of our employees’ performance and it is also an incentive toward further improvement in business results.

In 2012 we harmonized our profit-sharing system throughout the group. We now use profit before interest, taxes, depreciation and amortization (EBITDA) and operating net cash flow to calculate profit-share, as from the 2013 fiscal year. In various regions we have also introduced other bonus and incentive schemes for rewarding performance.

Flexible transition to retirement

The Maintal and Gerbershausen sites have had voluntary company agreements on partial retirement applying to non-managerial employees since 2010. The arrangements last two to six years and operate according to the “block model”. This means that the employee agrees to a release phase of an appropriate length, which ends in retirement. We have hedged the credit balance the employee has built up during the active phase of their employment against all contingencies. In partial retirement, it is also possible to realize money or time credits from these life work-time accounts introduced in 2014.

Responsibility to temporary workers

There are regional differences in the benefits our company provides to temporary employees, whereby the respective minimum national standards are always met. In fact, NORMA Group even exceeds these on occasion. Temporary employment of workers gives NORMA Group the chance to keep up with production peaks in a flexible manner, compensate for economic fluctuations, work on special projects and organise substitutes for employees in an efficient manner. Temporary employment thus contributes to our earnings.