Norma Group

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Customers - Always in contact

NORMA Group stays in constant dialogue with its customers to offer them optimum solutions at all levels. This is the basis for trusting, long-term relationships that form the foundation for our corporate success.

The satisfaction of our more than 11,000 customers in 100 countries drives everything we do. We offer many years of experience, delivery reliability, worldwide availability and dependable quality to buyers of our products. We have also configured our sales model to meet our customers’ varying requirements to the optimum degree possible. This is how we differentiate ourselves from our competitors.

A customer-focused sales model

About a third of our revenue comes from the Distribution Services (DS) segment. Here we sell through our own sales network, as well as through sales representatives, dealers and importers, who handle a wide assortment of our standardized brand-name products for countless applications. In the DS segment we benefit from the worldwide presence of our brands ABA, Breeze, Connectors, NORMA, R.G.RAY and Torca, which are supplemented by our local brands, such as Serflex, Terry, Serratub, Gemi, FISH and Nordic Metalblok. All our brands are synonymous with expertise, quality and reliability.

In the Engineered Joining Technology (EJT) segment, we mainly provide industrial customers with custom solutions, tailor-made to the demands of their exact applications. These custom fastener solutions are generally used in building a final product that can be used in emission control, air suction and induction, as well as in cooling and auxiliary systems, for example. In the EJT segment, which generates about a third of NORMA Group’s revenue, we collaborate closely with our approximately 1,000 customers, such as on joint development projects (Innovation).

Close to the customer — Customer Satisfaction Survey

For NORMA Group it is crucial to understand what our customers expect from us and from our products. For this reason our global marketing team conducts an annual Customer Satisfaction Survey (CS). We track our customers’ expectations and their opinion of our services in this survey. At the same time we analyse the various expectations of different customer groups and measure customer satisfaction trends over an extended period, even in comparison to our competitors.

We derive an activity plan based on the improvement potential identified to action any required optimization quickly and to systematically monitor implementation. The corporate management team defines both the appropriate goals and those responsible for them in this plan, and is informed every two months about progress.

Customer care and management

To focus as best we can on our customers and their needs, we introduced the eCRM customer management system in 2013, as part of an effectiveness improvement programme in sales. It helps us evaluate market information, improve internal processes and increase transparency at the same time. We are also opting for more regional programmes. For example, in the US, direct contact is especially valuable to customer relationships. We have therefore launched a special customer care programme there. Our employees identify the most important customers for each site and try to visit them regularly to talk about their needs and requirements, as well as about our services. This gives us a detailed picture of the customer relationship, so that we can improve it further.