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About this Report

NORMA Group sees itself as a transparent and open company that seeks direct dialog with its stakeholders. For this reason, we publish a Corporate Responsibility (CR) report every two years. We issued our first CR report on the reporting year 2013. We have also been informing on our CR strategy and our activities in our CR action fields through our own CR website since February 2014. Key figures are updated during the year on GRI [G4-29, G4-30]

Our current CR report covers the calendar years 2014 and 2015. It contains extensive information about our CR-related objectives, approaches and measures, as well as our strategic orientation. By publishing a separate CR report, we want to provide detailed information on the strategic approach to CR that NORMA Group takes and discuss examples of the measures. NORMA Group thus creates the basis for an open and trusting dialog with its stakeholders. GRI [G4-28]

The structure of this report is based on our CR-specific fields of action: Responsible Management, Business Solutions, Employees, Environment and Community. Our CR policy serves as an important sense of orientation. It shows our basic understanding and our expectations that all of NORMA Group’s employees and business partners will act responsibly. For this reason, some basic information on each field of action has been integrated into the first paragraphs of the respective chapter. Moreover, the core objectives of our CR Roadmap 2018 are listed at the beginning of each chapter. These illustrate our strategic focus and NORMA Group’s self-image in the respective field of action.

The other goals and activities are presented in the respective field of action in the body of the chapter. These include the specific objectives of our company from now until 2018 and the current status of the corresponding measures. (CR Roadmap 2018) A selection of CR-specific data is presented on pages 58 – 68 of this report. Additional general data can be found in our 2015 Annual Report. (

To define the main content of the report, we compared the materiality review of our external stakeholders with the estimates of company representatives. You will find an explanation of our approach and the materiality matrix under (Stakeholders and Materiality).

This report was prepared in accordance with the requirements of the “G4 Core” of the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI). No audit was conducted to have it confirmed externally. The report has successfully completed the Materiality Disclosure Service. The GRI Content Index can be found here. GRI [G4-32, G4-33]

The statements made and the information contained in this report apply to all subsidiaries of NORMA Group. Exceptions are explicitly stated. Investments and companies outside the scope of consolidation of NORMA Group are not the subject of this report.

NORMA Group CR Report 2015 (English)
NORMA Group Sustainability report 2013 (Englisch)