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corporate responsibility

Education and Advanced Training as an Investment in the Future

NORMA Group sees itself as a “learning organisation” that is constantly evolving. Supporting and developing our employees is crucially important for our innovationdriven business model. At the same time, this forms the basis for our employees’ sustained motivation and for NORMA Group’s constant advancement and innovative capacity. Education and advanced training are therefore not just part of our social responsibility but rather a core factor in the success of our business operations.

Targeted Education and Competence

NORMA Group recognised the great importance of its employees’ systematic and professional development early on and deliberately promoted it. Our company takes a decentralised approach here as well: regional guidelines for continuing education and staff development create the necessary framework for this. GRI [G4-LA10]

We have set thirty hours of continuing education per employee as our yearly goal. We almost reached it in 2016, with 29.7 continuing education hours per employee. In 2016, over 95 percent of our entire workforce participated in at least one further education program. GRI [G4-LA9]

Mandatory Annual Employee Assessments

We have designed a Performance Management Process to ensure annual employee and staff development conversations. This process includes requiring managers to engage in annual assessment and qualification conversations with each employee. If possible under collective bargaining contracts, additional individual target agreements between managers and employees are made within this framework. GRI [G4-LA11]

Support for Talent and Cultural Exchange between Sites

Talented people are specifically supported by NORMA Group. Our talent programs give them leadership and conflict resolution skills. At the same time, we support international exchange through assignment programmes connected to a point system. Our sites accumulate what are called Talent Mobility Points whenever their employees participate in one of the two variants.
NORMA Group offers the following exchange programmes:
A bubble assignment is intended to foster an exchange of knowledge between locations and encourage the development of synergy effects. The objective is to strengthen intercultural understanding and collaboration within NORMA Group. In turn, the workers involved benefit from the new experiences and networks as well as the opportunity to learn from one another.

An assignment within a country is one point, an exchange within a region is two points, and exchange between regions is three points. A total of 125 Talent Mobility Points were awarded in 2016 (compared with 202 points in 2015). The number of bubble assignments in 2016 came to 25 (2015: 38). GRI [G4-LA2]

Change Agents

The introduction of systematic project management at NORMA Group also meant the start of what was known as change agent training, which selected employees were able to participate in. The programme teaches participants how to deal with changes in the company landscape so that they can actively accompany and support the transition.
This approach was developed in 2013 in response to the change processes that NORMA Group is constantly confronted with. In this context, change agents from various sites in Germany are being trained to support NORMA Group in developing a strong and qualified change culture worldwide. This is intended to improve conflict resolution and integrate relevant stakeholders. A total of 45 change agents were trained in 2015 and are now active at international sites.