Norma Group

corporate responsibility

Dear Readers,

As an international market and technology leader for engineered joining technology, NORMA Group is committed to its responsibility (so-called Corporate Responsibility or CR for short). In keeping with our tradition, we are guided in making decisions by the principles of good corporate governance and sustainable action. Moving forward, we want to bring the impact of our business activities in line with society’s needs and expectations.

Key challenges to sustainable development arise from global megatrends such as climate change or scarcity of resources. NORMA Group also faces up to these challenges because our products help save energy and conserve our environment and natural resources. We therefore view corporate responsibility as an important part of securing the future of our company.

The Management Board decided to systematically integrate corporate responsibility into NORMA Group’s business strategy back in 2012. To initiate this process, a CR steering committee that consists of representatives of the various business units was established that defines our long-term objectives and key activities. To this end, a CR policy was developed to start with. It describes NORMA Group’s basic attitude and defines five key areas for action in which we take responsibility: Responsible Management, Business Solutions, Employees, Environment and Community.

The CR policy and the ensuing actions form the basis of regular reporting, through which we inform about the progress we are making and ensure transparency. You will learn more about our strategic approach and examples of activities in NORMA Group’s five CR action fields on this website.

I wish you stimulating reading.

Werner Deggim
Chairman of the Management Board