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corporate responsibility

Corporate Responsibility Directly Rooted in the Management Board

We see Corporate Responsibility as an issue that concerns the entire NORMA Group. That is why it is important and necessary to manage it across departments and sites. In order to institutionalise CR in our company, NORMA Group established a CR Steering Committee in 2012 under the leadership of its Chairman Werner Deggim.

The Management Board directly supervises CR at NORMA Group – a fact that confirms how important Corporate Responsibility is to the company. Every relevant company-level department is represented in the Steering Committee – including the managers of the Purchasing, Production, Human Resources, Investor Relations, Legal, Compliance, and Corporate Communications departments. The CR Steering Committee meets two to three times each year, mainly to develop NORMA Group’s general CR positioning and strategic CR orientation. It also votes on measures across departments and assesses our status with respect to achieving our core CR objectives.

We have also named two CR Coordinators who are responsible for operational CR management and for coordinating selected measures internationally within NORMA Group. Moreover, there are specialised contact people for individual measures and issues who coordinate and take responsibility for on-site implementation at all NORMA Group sites. GRI [G4-34, G4-35, G4-36]


Our employees create and drive our business success. We invest in a safe, supportive working environment and in health protection. In this way, we hope to strengthen our position as an employer. Sound further education, performance-based compensation, support for diversity and balance between job and family are also topics of importance to our employees and embraced by NORMA Group.


NORMA Group places great importance on vibrant, liveable surroundings at its sites. As part of good corporate citizenship, we wish to strengthen and positively influence the places where we work. Using donations and sponsorships, NORMA Group has set itself a goal of systematic support for civic involvement through a corporate volunteering programme.


Responsibility means considering our dependence on the environment. This is why we always strive to improve our energy and natural resource efficiency. Our joining technology enables our customers to meet existing and future environmental standards. The basis for our products’ and processes’ environmental sustainability is a comprehensive environmental management system. We will focus in particular on protecting the climate in coming years.

Business Solutions

Our high-quality products and services contribute to reducing emissions and energy consumption. Partnering with our customers, we ensure that natural resources are used in a sustainable, efficient, environmentally sound manner. NORMA Group invests in research and development of new products and uses quality management to ensure the acknowledged, certified quality of its products and solutions.

Responsible Management

Corporate responsibility must be actioned every day by each NORMA Group employee. The management team has also launched a long-term corporate responsibility strategy for all sites and employees. We regard compliance and risk management systems as part of responsible behaviour and they also help to build trust-based relationships with employee representatives, suppliers and customers.


NORMA Group wishes to contribute to a sustainable society for people and the environment by the way we do business. Our corporate responsibility strategy helps us behave responsibly and at the same time secure our position as a global market and technology leader in engineered joining technology.

Central Management of CR Measures and Goals

Consistent transparency in our CR measures and goals is a key issue for our company. Depending on the field of activity, specialised departments are responsible for putting those measures into practice and monitoring them. By setting operational parameters in our management systems, we can continuously monitor and guide the achievement of these goals.

Our goal-oriented key CR indicators are compiled in internationally established data entry systems. This allows for regular reporting on the progress we are making with our CR measures. They can also be tracked and evaluated at any time. If a particular goal cannot be achieved in whole or in part, the activities associated with it are developed further or defined more precisely as needed.