Norma Group

corporate responsibility

Expand Market Leadership Based on Innovations

NORMA Group is constantly working to develop new solutions and optimise its existing systems to meet the increasing demands of its customers.

Today, NORMA Group is already the market leader in the area of clamps. We want to expand this position in the years to come. We will identify relevant groups of products in other project areas and develop the appropriate strategies. To strengthen NORMA Group’s market position in the future, we intend to submit at least 80 patent applications per year during the years 2016-2018.

Successfully ensuring our innovative capacity is an essential condition to continuing our growth. To this end, we will develop and pursue an Innovation Roadmap. Our testing capabilities are being expanded by installing new laboratories for relevant applications and by increasing decentralisation of these activities.

Furthermore, the indicator “NORMA is perceived as innovative” from the Customer Satisfaction Survey (CSS) is to reach at least 7.8. The proportion of defective parts in production is to fall below the value of 20 ppm. This high quality will ensure that NORMA Group has significant competitive advantages in the future as well.

In the area of purchasing, we will strive to implement supplier scoring that focuses even more strongly on sustainability and sustainability requirements for essential groups of goods. Here, our goal is to initiate value-generating, long-term partnerships and first-class business and procurement processes.