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Local Commitment – Being a Good Neighbour

NORMA Group is committed to creating a vibrant and liveable environment at its sites in many different ways. For instance, we have been supporting various social and charitable projects in the vicinity of our sites for quite some time. Our goal is to give something back to the regions in which we operate through our social commitment (Corporate Citizenship). We strengthen these sites, improve the local quality of life and thus promote our involvement in the region – with the self-image of being a good and responsible neighbour.

The effect of our commitment benefits from our decentralised approach because the conditions are very different, depending on the region. Here, the respective local contacts know best how funds should be used to suit the various cultural particularities. They therefore have the authority to make such decisions locally.

Corporate Citizenship Guideline Focuses on Commitment

The Management Board adopted a Corporate Citizenship Guideline (CCG) in October 2013 to sharpen the profile of NORMA Group as a responsible partner. This Guideline applies for all NORMA sites. It describes the important topics, target audiences and forms of our commitment. The contacts responsible at our plants thus receive an important guide on designing their site-related donations and sponsorship activities. The approval processes and reporting on regional activities are also linked to NORMA Group’s internationally valid Compliance Management. (Responsible Management)

NORMA Group also places great importance on transparency with respect to its local involvement. On the one hand, there is no obligation, however the sites are free to choose their own activities. After it was first introduced in 2014, the data collected for the CCG was gradually implemented at NORMA sites over the course of 2015. Starting in 2016, the money spent on donations and for sponsorship was recorded internationally in a uniform manner in accordance with the CCG. In 2016 donations were up to EUR 134,000 (excl. NORMA Clean Water), EUR 30,000 were spent on local sponsoring.

Local Support for Individual Projects at the Sites

In principle, NORMA Group helps fund organisations and institutions based near its sites that strive to sustainably strengthen their respective communities through charitable programmes and initiatives. The CCG defines the main areas as being social, sports and education. Various examples illustrate how this local commitment is practiced:

Regular Participation in Girls’ Day and Boy’s Day
Education initiatives for children and young people are a special concern to us because education is the key to positive social and personal development. For this reason, we participated in nationwide Girls’ Day in April 2017 for the ninth time. Eleven girls and seven boys took advantage of the annual orientation day to learn more about technical and commercial careers at NORMA Group in our training workshop.

German Courses and Orientation Internships for Refugees
To contribute to society in the context of acutely necessary aid to refugees, we have been supporting German courses for refugees in Maintal since the end of 2015. Up to 25 refugees thus have the opportunity to learn the German language through January 2017. In addition, NORMA Group offers young migrants 4-week internships for career orientation. We consider both measures to be important support on successfully integrating the refugees into society.

Support for Children with Cancer in Australia
In Australia, on the other hand, we support a completely different type of project. Great Cycle Challenge is a relief operation, which was launched in the Australian state of Victoria in 2013. Donations for cancer research to help children are raised for the Children's Medical Research Institute by riding bicycle. As part of this project, one employee of NORMA Australia’s distribution site rode nearly 336 kilometres for a good cause. The donations he received were increased by our Australian Group company, NORMA Pacific.

Training Programme in Mexico
Our Mexican production site in Juarez started a training programme for employees and their families in early 2015. Participants now have the option of earning their degrees by attending elementary and middle school and can thus qualify for a more responsible position with the company. The programme has been extended to include a higher school level in 2016 due to how successful it is. GRI [G4-SO1]