Norma Group

corporate responsibility

Transparency in Internal and External Communications

For NORMA Group, openness and transparency in our dealings with various stakeholder groups is a given. Continual dialog with these groups is crucial to our ability to improve the strategic alignment of our actions and activities. We use a variety of formats in our regular communications with our stakeholders. To be transparent with the financial and CR community, for example, we publish our Annual Report, the CR Report, and press releases. We also regularly update our website with information on the activities of NORMA Group. The site is also easy to navigate in with separate sections for Investor Relations, Press and CR (Investor Relations, Press, CR).

In-depth discussions and the 2015 stakeholder roundtable, as well as participation in conferences, workshops, and industry conventions encourage our stakeholders to engage in a dialog with NORMA Group. By ensuring a high degree of transparency in our activities concerning corporate management, the environment, and social issues, we aim to improve understanding of our actions, increase trust and confidence in NORMA Group, and enhance our reputation. GRI [G4-18]

In our internal communications, as well, we are transparent about our corporate goals and diverse activities (concerning CR, among other topics). The employee newsletter, “Let’s Connect,” is the primary channel for these communications, together with the intranet. Here, we report regularly on CR topics. We also use flyers to provide additional information, especially for our employees in production.

CR Report a Key Communication Tool

Reporting on CR is particularly relevant, as its significance for business is made clear here and facts on the direction and current state of CR measures are made public. This gives internal and external shareholders the opportunity to follow and challenge specific measures as well as the general development of Corporate Responsibility at NORMA Group.

We published our first CR report in 2013. In the future, we will create a CR report every two years. The associated key performance indicators (KPIs) will also be assessed every other year. In addition, the latest information is always available on our CR website. The 2015 CR report is structured to reflect our five CR action areas. We have integrated excerpts from the materiality assessment and from our CR Roadmap 2018 into these main chapters in order to present a clear picture of the strategic approach we are taking in all action areas.

Because of increased reporting requirements, we have included three additional, extra-financial indicators in the business reports of the past several years. These indicators include the number of new patent registrations, the number of defective parts (warranty claims in ppm/parts per million), and the number of quality-related complaints per month.