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Große Übernahmen bleiben Mangelware, daher bemühen Finanzinvestoren sich verstärkt darum, ihre Portfoliofirmen zu stärken. 3i kauft in Amerika für NORMA ein.
Several global auto-component manufacturers are looking at Pune as part of their India plan even as domestic auto-component industry in the region continues to reel under recession.
Auto Expo 2010 in New Delhi with participation of NORMA Group
The world has seen many changes in connecting technology over sixty years, many at the instigation of NORMA. Florent Pellissier, global marketing manager, looks back over the foundations of the Group's confidence in its continued technology leadership.

30. September 2009

Innovative year for NORMA Group

Tough economic and market conditions or not, the NORMA Group is unrelenting in its commitment to technical innovation as the 2009 launch of a series of new products has demonstrated.

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