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Postfach 1149
D-63461 Maintal
Tel.: +49 6181-403-0

ABA Original SMO

  • For the most extreme environments

ABA Mini

  • A durable solution for quick and safe clamping

ABA Power Clamp

  • Heavy-duty clamps

ABA Nova

  • The highly versatile clamp

ABA Robust

  • A strongly dimensioned hose clamp

Pipe Clamp

  • Exhaust system pipe clamp

ABA Original

  • There is only one Original

ABA Twist

  • connects rubber hoses

ABA Preassembled Clamps

  • For integrated clamps and clips

Ear Clip Standard

  • Cost effective and simple

ABA Assortments and Tools

  • Assortment boxes with most common clamp sizes.

ABA Banding System

  • Instant solution for clamping

ABA Rubber Lined Clips

  • Rubber lined retaining clamps

Hose / Pipe Connectors

  • Proven plastic connectors

Micro Standard

  • Small and flexible

ABA Safe

  • The flexible clamp