Military spec. clamps

Breeze also manufactures a line of Military Specification Clamps that conform to the requirements of "MS35842" as well as the more critical aeronautical specs. "AN737TW" and "NAS1922."  Also available -- NAS1924 Clamps above size -48.

MS35842 Clamps - Primarily a military vehicle and ordnance clamp. Low pressure, type “F.” Federal Supply Class 4730. Slotted hex head screw. 100% stainless steel.
AN737TW Clamps - Primarily an aircraft application clamp.Federal Supply Class 4730. Stainless steel band, housing and saddle with stainless steel thumb (wing) screw.
NAS1924 Clamps - Available in sizes 48 & above.
NAS1922 Clamps - Primarily a light-weight, aircraft application clamp. Federal Supply Class 4730. 100% stainless steel. Available with either round slot (-1) or hex head (-3) screw. Both screw styles can be supplied with optional Lock Wire hole (-1H or -3H).
* Screw code must be designated when ordering.