Norma Group

Whistleblower system of NORMA Group

As a market leader in Joining Technology, NORMA Group is committed to ensuring that its business processes satisfy the highest standards of reliability and integrity.

Based on the statutory requirements, the Code of Conduct of NORMA Group promotes a corporate culture that is characterised by honesty, reliability and mutual respect. It serves as a guide for the employees and offers tools for reporting unethical conduct.

Against this backdrop, NORMA Group provides the BKMS® System to its employees, customers, suppliers and stakeholders as means of reporting criminal actions and other serious violations of important company-internal rules to NORMA Group.

With the BKMS® System, NORMA Group intends to effectively protect potential whistleblowers by offering them a communication platform secured with the newest technologies for the submission of anonymous reports. In addition, whistleblowers can actively assist in clarifying the situation by setting up an anonymous postbox after submitting their report.

You can access NORMA Group’s Whistleblower system here.