NORMA Group’s Core Values The core values are the fundamental beliefs of NORMA Group. They are the compass for our actions and the guiding principles how we behave and work with our business partners. The goal of our employees shall be to live our Core Values every day.

Change Readiness – We Drive Change

Our markets and industries are rapidly changing. We take advantage of the resulting entrepreneurial opportunities. How we do it:

Teamspirit – We empower people

The professional and personal competencies of our employees are the basis for our entrepreneurial success. Together, we create an environment in which everyone can develop and contribute his or her individual talents, competencies and skills. How we do it:

Open Mindset – We share ideas and information

As a global company we work with people from different cultures and with different values. We encourage diversity and treat each other with respect. How we do it:

Strong Ties – We develop partnerships

In a global and digitally connected world the ability to cooperate is one of our most important success factors. We work cooperatively within the group and with external partners and invest in fostering long-term relationships. How we do it: