Norma Group

Aviation - advanced parts and components for fluid and gas systems

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NORMA Group offers the aviation industry new engineered products and development services that make stronger, lighter and easier-to-install parts and components for joining systems. Many of the Group’s products are standard equipment on both military and civilian aircraft.

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The Group provides superior products and systems, using the latest software and technology to go from idea to prototype, testing and production. NORMA Group’s solutions provide many advantages:

• Lighter weight
• More durable parts
• Better functionality and fewer parts
• Enhanced system design
• Reduced costs, thanks to easier installation assembly
• Reduced maintenance costs
• Global support
• Reduced risk
• Joint research and development

NORMA Group supports its customers with a wide array of engineering, product-development and prototyping services that compress development cycles and improve quality and functionality, providing engineering services from concept to prototyping and pre-production to serial production.

Ordering parts or systems from NORMA Group brings all the benefits that might be expected from a truly global supplier, including high quality worldwide distribution, field support and customer service.