NORMA Group’s business solutions address the increasing challenges posed by global megatrends, such as scarcity of resources and climate change. To meet these challenges, we constantly develop new solutions for our customers and make sure we meet the highest quality standards. Our responsibility applies to the entire value chain, including our indirect suppliers.


Innovations for sustainable business solutions

How can our products help reduce emissions and save resources? We ask ourselves these questions at the very beginning of the innovation process. We involve all employees in the search for answers – and thus continuously develop innovative solutions for our customers.

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As joining elements, our products are often functionally critical to our customers’ applications. Our products must function perfectly to ensure the safety and environmental compatibility of our customers’ systems. Quality therefore has the highest priority for us. We certify production sites according to international quality standards and integrate key quality figures into the strategic management of the company.

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Sustainability in purchasing

For us, sustainability does not just begin in our own production. The materials we produce and the services we purchase already have a significant impact on the environment and society. For this reason, we integrate sustainability criteria into our purchasing processes, in the evaluation of suppliers or the development of commodity strategies, for example.

Some of our departments already use a high share of recycled materials, especially in the metal and water sectors.

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Customer satisfaction

The satisfaction of our customers is central to both the beginning and the end of our business success. We therefore regularly ask for their opinions on our products and services and improve our performance on this basis.

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