Our employees enable and drive our business success. We invest in a safe and supportive working environment and in health protection. We constantly develop our employees further and thus improve our position as a top employer. We believe in diversity within the company and promote a working environment that is free of prejudice.


Occupational safety and health

NORMA Group is committed to providing all employees with a safe and risk-free working environment. For this reason, we are gradually certifying production sites worldwide according to current occupational safety standards. We carry out local risk assessments in accordance with these standards. We record the number of accidents and implement targeted measures to prevent them. The current figures can be found in the NORMA Group Corporate Responsibility Report.

Health and Safety Policy


Employee development

In times of changing work models, digitalization and technological transformation, well-trained employees are crucial for the entrepreneurial success of NORMA Group. At the same time, we also offer our employees the opportunity to develop personally and professionally through further training measures. To ensure consistent management throughout the Group, we use our own competency model and measure training hours at all of our sites.

NORMA Group’s detailed CR Report


Appropriate remuneration and employee satisfaction

Our personnel policy is based on the fact that all employees receive competitive and fair remuneration for their work. A large share of our employees are paid in accordance with collective agreements. In addition, all NORMA Group sites have performance and success-based incentive systems.

We are convinced that satisfied employees are also more willing to perform in their daily work. Therefore, the measurement of employee satisfaction is an “organizational thermometer” for us, on the basis of which strengths can be recognized and improvement potential promptly initiated.

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Diversity and equal opportunities

Each of our employees is unique. They link their individual life situations with their work at NORMA Group in 25 countries. As a company, we want to value each personality because we are convinced that this leads to better ideas, more innovations and a better working atmosphere.

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