CR Roadmap and Sustainable Development Goals

Group-wide management of corporate responsibility

In our CR Roadmap, we set targets for the sustainability fields that are of importance to NORMA Group. The quantitative, Group-wide targets of the roadmap are reported internally to global, regional and local management on a regular basis.

At a glance: Our Roadmap 2020

Core objective "Responsible Management“Target value for 2020
NORMA Group is to be perceived as a responsible company in terms of all of its operations.Consistently good to excellent reviews on our activities and measures that pertain to responsible management within our Group in surveys and ratings.
Our goalMilestoneDateStatus
All employees will know the CR Policy and its overarching objectives.At least 85% awareness of the CR Policy in the 3-year Employee Satisfaction Survey.20202017: 79,6%
We will receive advice on the orientation of our CR strategy and on the main focuses in the individual fields of action from representatives of external stakeholder groups.Once a year, a dialogue format with various stakeholder representatives on a CR topic.Annually2019: Stakeholder Roundtable on “Diversity Management and Employer Branding”
We will make sure that we employ effective compliance management systems.Externally conducted concept review of the compliance management system.2020 *To be conducted in 2020
Externally conducted effectiveness check.2021 *To be conducted in 2021
All employees are to be trained on compliance topics in a timely manner in accordance with their needs.100% of the employees have completed the required compliance training courses within the defined time frames.Annually2019: 96.6%
The contact persons and reporting channels for compliance issues defined within NORMA Group will be known to all employees.100% agreement in the 3-year Employee Satisfaction Survey (ESS).20202017: 86.9%
NORMA Group will comply with all international and local laws that protect employees against discrimination.0 violations determined by courts.Annually2019: 0
NORMA Group will adhere to all international and local laws protecting the freedom of association of workers.0 violations determined by courts.Annually2019: 0
* Date was adjusted in 2019. Details can be found on page 20 of the CR Report 2019.
Core objective "Business Solutions“Target value for 2020
NORMA Group will improve and strengthen its market position, taking sustainable business practices and relationships into account.Sustained and continuous growth in all business fields of relevance to NORMA Group.
Our goalMilestoneDateStatus
New control systems and structures on innovative management will increase the number of innovative products and processes on the market.The number of invention applications exceeds 20 per year.Annually2019: 22
Our authenticity together with trustworthy customer relations will contribute to continuous organic and sustainable growth supported by innovations when possible.Implementation of an updated process to measure customer satisfaction.2018Implemented
Development of a baseline and improve in the following years.2020
We will improve the quality of our products to satisfy our customers. The share of defective parts in our production (in ppm per month) will remain in the single-digit range in the long term. In the medium term, this value is to be reduced to under 20 ppm.We will reduce the share of defective parts to 20 ppm or fewer.20202019: 6
The number of reported customer complaints will be under 8 per month on an annual average.20202019: 6
We want to procure raw materials, products and services at optimal costs, also taking sustainability aspects into account in selecting our suppliers.The share of suppliers in the Supplier Scoring process that participate in the “Sustainability Self-Assessment” will increase by 5% every year through the year 2020.Annually2019: 28.7%2018: 24.1%
We also systematically integrate sustainability aspects when we develop our procurement strategies for our various groups of products.100% of existing commodity strategies will also include a sustainability fact sheet.2020Sustainability Fact Sheets in newly developedcommodity strategies
All team members of Group Purchasing will be trained on Sustainability aspects.2019Implemented
Core objective "Environment“Target value for 2020
NORMA Group will continuously and systematically reduce the negative environmental impact of its production processes.100% of NORMA Group’s global production sites* are to be certified according to ISO 14001 by no later than the end of 2018 and then continuously.
Our goalMilestoneDateStatus
We will reduce the CO2 footprint of our production, taking science-based targets into account.Absolute reduction of CO2 emissions (Scope 1 and 2) by 16% compared to 2017.20252019: Reductionby 1.5% (baseline 2017)
We will lower our consumption of water as a resource in production focusing on areas of high water-stress.Reduction of water consumption in relation to sales by 15% compared to 2017.20252019: Increaseby 0.2% (baseline 2017)
We will reduce waste and increase the efficiency of material use in our production processes.Yearly reduction of waste in relation to sales.Annually2019: Reduction of metallic waste per EUR thousand of revenue by 9.5% (baseline 2018)
Introduction of “scrap rate” and “defective parts in production” as new KPIs in the area of production.2018Implemented
* With a transition period of 12 months for newly integrated sites.
Core objective "Employees“Target value for 2020
NORMA Group will be viewed as an employer of choice for its employees and will continue to attract, retain and inspire the most talented people to live and to share the company’s values and vision.Overall employee satisfaction determined in the employee satisfaction survey (ESS) is to be improved (the satisfaction score in the ESS 2017 was at 2.74 on a scale of 1 (very good) to 7 (very poor)).
Our goalMilestoneDateStatus
As a responsible Company, we will invest in a safe and efficient working environment and working conditions that protect the health of our employees and maintain their well-being. None of our employees shall have a work-related accident.100% of the production sites* are to be certified according to OHSAS 18001 (or its successor ISO 45001).20202019: 69%
Our accident rate (per 1,000 employees) will be under 4 per year.20202019: 4.3
Development of a baseline and improve in the following years.2020
As a “learning organization,” we will ensure our continuous development.An average of at least 30 training hours per year and employee.Annually2019: 28.1 hours
We will see to it that systems for ensuring appropriate remuneration are used at all of our sites.Performance-oriented incentive systems to be in place at all sites *.Ongoing2019: 100%
* With a transition period of 12 months for newly integrated sites.
Core objective "Community“Target value for 2020
NORMA Group will position itself as a responsible partner in the community.Consistently good to excellent reviews on the community involvement in stakeholder surveys.
Our goalMilestoneDateStatus
We will show that water is a scarce and valuable resource at many of our sites and demonstrate how important an efficient water supply is. Together with partners, we will conduct model projects to improve the current situation.400 families in six rural communities in the Codó and Peritoró regions of Brazil receive a secure water supply and deepen their knowledge of domestic and agricultural water use and hygiene.20202019: 543 families
The employees of NORMA Group engage voluntarily in charitable causes at their sites.All production sites participate in the annual Help Day.Annually2019: Participation of 29 production and distribution sites.
By making donations and engaging in sponsoring in the areas of environment, sports and social affairs, we will strengthen the local structures at all of our sites.NORMA Group’s investments in the community will be based on the Corporate Citizenship Guideline.Ongoing2019:
donations: EUR 60 thousand
sponsoring: EUR 177 thousand

Sustainable Development Goals

The CR Roadmap is based on the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) of the United Nations, among other aspects. The goals cover economic, ecological and social issues and each consist of individual indicators that make implementation measurable. By implementing the CR Roadmap, NORMA Group can also contribute to the achievement of the Sustainable Development Goals.


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