NORMA Face Shield


Our contribution.
For safety in your day-to-day work.

With the NORMA Face Shield, we help alleviate the acute shortage of face covers. It offers both functionality and comfort. We are proud to help in these challenging times.


  • Licensed as personal protective equipment

  • Extra large visor

  • Frame is made of medical polymer


  • Very light material

  • Comfortable to wear
    with FFP2 mask and glasses

  • Large contact surfaces at the temples
    avoid pressure points for extended wear

Cost efficient

  • Frame can be reused
    if it is sterilized professionally

  • Replacing the foils is quick and easy

  • Also usable with conventional A4 foils

Find here the frame
model for download.

The frame model is
licensed under the
Creative Commons
Attribution Share Alike
license CC BY-SA 3.0.

Video tutorial

Learn more

about the NORMA Face Shield

The NORMA face shield is a derivate of Face Shield Frame v2r6 by Duokino/ Muhammad Rahmat Md Padzil used and licensed under CC BY 4.0 as well of Protective Visor by Erik Cederberg/3DVerkstan], used and licensed under CC BY-SA 3.0. The NORMA face shield is not a medical device. The NORMA face shield is not certified as medical device. The user is responsible for the professional use, cleaning and disinfection. The NORMA face shield is not a substitute for wearing a suitable face mask and does not guarantee safety against infections of any kind. The recommended precautions, such as hand disinfection and wearing gloves and a suitable face mask, must be observed additionally.


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