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NORMA Group among the finalists for the German CSR Award

Maintal, Germany, October 9, 2018NORMA Group, an international market leader in engineered joining technology, was one of the finalists for the German CSR Award in the “Commitment to Civil Society” category with its NORMA Clean Water aid project. The award was presented on October 8, 2018, during the “German CSR Forum” at the Haus der Wirtschaft in Stuttgart in the presence of 300 honored guests from the worlds of business, politics, science, civil society and the press.

“We are delighted to be among the finalists for the renowned German CSR Award with our aid project NORMA Clean Water,” says Dr. Michael Schneider, Chief Financial Officer and responsible for Corporate Responsibility at NORMA Group. “The nomination affirms our aid project effort and reinforces our commitment to NORMA Clean Water.”

NORMA Group has teamed with the children's aid organization Plan International to promote water supply in regions with severe water shortages with the NORMA Clean Water program. The first project was implemented in India between 2014 and early 2018. The initiative led to more than 18,600 school children and teachers near NORMA Group’s Pune site gaining access to clean drinking water and sanitary facilities, as well as training in water management and hygienic behavior.

NORMA Group launched a second NORMA Clean Water aid project in Brazil in 2017, building on the success achieved in India. Around 400 families in the rural regions of Codó and Peritoró in the country’s northeast will benefit from new or modernized drinking water facilities by 2020, which will grant access to clean drinking water. As in India, the aid project aims to enable locals to independently and sustainably carry on management when the funding phase has ended.

German CSR Award recognizes exemplary character in corporate responsibility
The German CSR Award, granted in the three categories “Ecological Commitment,” “Global Responsibility” and “Commitment to Civil Society,” is awarded by the Kolping-Bildungswerk Württemberg e. V. and recognizes commitment to sustainability and future viability. It distinguishes projects and initiatives that demonstrate exemplary corporate responsibility.

Water management as a strategic growth area for NORMA Group
For NORMA Group as a specialist in advanced engineered joining technology, water management is a key business and strategic growth area to respond to the challenges of climate change. The product portfolio in water management includes complete solutions for irrigation and drainage in agriculture, horticulture, landscaping and construction.

More information on Corporate Responsibility (CR) at NORMA Group can be found on the CR website and in the 2017 Corporate Responsibility Report.