NORMA Group cutting CO₂ emissions by roughly 80 percent

Maintal, Germany, March 30, 2022 – NORMA Group is cutting its 2022 CO₂ emissions by roughly 80 percent as compared with the prior year. With the switch to green electricity at a number of locations throughout the world, NORMA Group is reducing its CO₂ emissions from around 44,000 tons in 2021 to an expected level of less than 10,000 tons in 2022. Production and sales sites have been gradually switching to green electricity over the past few years. Since January 2022, all sites worldwide have been sourcing electricity from renewable sources.

“Climate change is the greatest challenge of our time. To limit global warming, all of us individually as well as companies like NORMA Group have to make sure we do our part”, says Dr. Michael Schneider, CEO of NORMA Group. “With this in mind, we are aiming to make our production processes more sustainable worldwide and to minimize the impact of our manufacturing on the environment. By switching to green electricity and thereby reducing our CO₂ emissions, we are taking an important step forward toward a sustainable and ecological future.”

NORMA Group developed a comprehensive environmental strategy in 2018 to further advance its environmental management efforts in a structured approach. The basis of the environmental strategy is basically the topics climate, water and waste generation. NORMA Group is continuously improving its climate, water and waste management at all of its sites. The company is installing solar power systems at sites in Australia and China, for example, with a view to reducing CO₂ emissions and becoming less dependent on regional electricity suppliers. In addition, various measures are underway to reduce water consumption in the manufacturing process. At the Malaysian site in Ipoh, for example, water loss in the production process is being kept to a minimum through the use of an automatic water bath conveying system. Resources are also being conserved through the use of recycled materials and the plastic waste generated in the production process is being reduced.

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