NORMA Group equips British gas distribution network with electro fusion fittings

Maintal, Germany, May 20, 2020 – NORMA Group, a global market leader in engineered joining technology, is supplying a long-standing British customer in the gas and water supply industry with electro fusion tapping tees. The products are manufactured by the NORMA Group subsidiary Kimplas in Nashik, India, and distributed through Kimplas Ltd UK. NORMA Group will supply the customer with up to 3 million electro fusion fittings over the next three to five years starting in mid-April 2020. They will be installed in a gas network that is more than 70,000 kilometers long and connects private households and industrial customers to the local supply.

“This order shows how important our products are for the general basic supply of gas and water,” said Dr. Michael Schneider, CEO of NORMA Group. “Our electro fusion fittings connect underground supply lines securely and reliably over long periods of time. We are delighted that this order further extends our existing partnership with this customer.”

Electro fusion fittings connect gas and water pipes particularly securely, since the pipes and the connector are joined together by electrofusion to form a material-to-material bond and therefore extremely strong connection. The plastic fittings are equipped with an integrated heating element. Once the pipe and the fitting have been plugged together, the heating element is supplied with current for a certain period of time. During this process, the plastic melts in the area of the heating element, fuses the components together and welds them. Due to their impermeability, they are therefore particularly well suited for transporting gaseous and liquid substances such as gas mixtures. The so-called tapping tees can be retrofitted to existing pipe systems. In collaboration with Kimplas Ltd UK. they were specially adapted for the British market.

NORMA Group acquired Kimplas in 2018. With the acquisition, NORMA Group has expanded its water management portfolio and significantly strengthened its position in Asia. Kimplas has been developing and manufacturing thermoplastic joining solutions since 1996, including compression fittings, sprinklers and drippers as well as valves and filters. Kimplas’ certified products are used in drinking water treatment and household drinking water and gas supply systems as well as in water-saving micro-irrigation systems in agriculture.

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Electrofusion tapping tee
Electrofusion tapping tee



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