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NORMA Group receives large order for exhaust aftertreatment products in India

Maintal, Germany/Pune, India, December 13, 2018 – NORMA Group, a global market leader in engineered joining technology, has received a large order in India for the development and manufacture of exhaust aftertreatment products. Together with one of the world’s leading specialists in exhaust aftertreatment solutions, NORMA Group will develop urea transport systems and exhaust gas clamps. These will contribute to meeting the stricter emission requirements of India’s Bharat Stage VI emissions standard from 2020. By 2024, some 250,000 vehicles per year will be equipped with NORMA Group products.

“We are proud to have won our largest order in India to date. Our local presence and development expertise are critical to our customer’s decision to work with us to develop the high-quality joining products that will help meet even stricter emission standards from 2020,” said Bernd Kleinhens, CEO of NORMA Group. “Our strategy of consistent localization enables us to offer our local customers optimal service and short delivery times.”

NORMA Group’s urea transport systems will be used in the diesel vehicles of one of India’s largest vehicle manufacturers. By supplying and injecting urea solution into the exhaust tract, the UTSs ensure exhaust gas purification by selective catalytic reduction, which breaks down climate-damaging nitrogen oxides (NOx) and ammonia into water and nitrogen. A total of 54 different UTSs for various diesel vehicle models will be developed and manufactured under the contract.

The exhaust gas clamps will be installed in the vehicles of a major Indian commercial vehicle manufacturer. Seven different versions of the NORMACONNECT V-profile clamps for diesel particulate filters are being developed to meet the customer’s specific requirements. The clamps are characterized by quick assembly and high tightness, contributing to compliance with emission standards.

These joining products will be manufactured at the NORMA Group plant in Pune in the West Indian state of Maharashtra. NORMA Group has been operating a production facility in India since 2009. In 2018, the acquisition of the water management company Kimplas Piping Systems Ltd. added a further location in Nashik, India, also located in the state of Maharashtra.