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NORMA Group receives large order from leading German carmaker

Maintal, Germany, September 13, 2018 – NORMA Group, an international market leader in advanced joining technology, will be supplying low-leaching multilayer pipes for gasoline fuel lines to a leading German automobile manufacturer as part of a major order. The piping system was developed together with the customer. It is specially designed to meet the increased material requirements resulting from the spread of bio-fuel such as E-10 and fuel-optimized engine injection systems.

“This order reflects once again a renowned carmaker’s recognition of NORMA Group’s outstanding technological expertise. NORMA Group’s customers in the automotive industry benefit from tailor-made complete solutions that help them to reduce overall vehicle emissions,” said Bernd Kleinhens, CEO of NORMA Group.

Advantages of the innovative technology
In conventional gasoline fuel line systems, plastic particles of the line material can be set free by washing out and consequently clog the injection nozzles. To counteract this effectively, this new multi-layer line uses a plastic with particularly high resistance to washing out caused by petrol fuel. This prevents critical blockages of the injectors and ensures that the engines function reliably. The multilayer petrol line system was developed by NORMA Group in close cooperation with the customer and optimized to meet that customer’s needs. Production using the multilayer extrusion process creates a high degree of flexibility and adaptability of the materials to customer requirements. At the same time, cost advantages can be realized. Thermoplastic system components offer yet another advantage: they help save weight and thus reduce the overall emissions of automobiles.

Up to one million vehicles to be equipped annually – further orders placed for gasoline and natural gas-powered passenger cars
As part of this major six-year contract, up to a million gasoline-powered vehicles per year will be equipped with NORMA Group’s multilayer lines.
NORMA Group has also received two further orders for complete multilayer pipe systems from the same German car manufacturer. Each year, 60,000 natural gas-powered (CNG) passenger cars will be equipped, and from 2019, around 140,000 automobiles with gasoline engines for the Russian market will be fitted annually.

NORMA Group’s multilayer solutions also relevant for e-mobility
The significantly reduced tendency to wash out of the multilayer pipes is not only important for modern, consumption-optimized gasoline engines. Electric/petrol hybrid vehicles in particular also stand to benefit from the new technology. Since the combustion engine in hybrids generally runs less frequently than in purely fuel-driven passenger cars, the gasoline is often stored in the lines for longer periods of time, which significantly increases the risk of washout. The new multilayer lines can also effectively prevent this in electric/petrol hybrids.

As a global market and technology leader, NORMA Group is well prepared to meet the ever-increasing customer demand for high quality, advanced joining technology with sophisticated and value-adding products and services.