NORMA Group supports emission control by launching a new suction jet pump

Maintal, Germany, January 16, 2020NORMA Group, a global market leader in engineered joining technology, has developed a suction jet pump for use in controlling vehicle emissions. The suction jet pump helps detect leaks in the area of crankcase ventilation at an early stage and reduce climate-damaging emissions.

“With this suction jet pump, we are adding a new product to our portfolio. This will enable us to help our customers comply with increasingly stringent emission standards,” said Dr. Michael Schneider, CEO of NORMA Group. “I am delighted that we have already received the first serial order for the newly developed suction jet pump from a leading German car maker.”

The suction jet pump is mainly intended for use in tank and crankcase ventilation. In order to prevent exhaust gases from escaping into the environment, the blow-by gases emitted during the combustion process, a mixture of exhaust gases, oil, unburned fuels and water, must be removed. The suction jet pump extracts the gases from the crankcase and returns them to the combustion engine. It generates a vacuum that enables continuous monitoring of the pipe for leaks and thus for pollutants to escape. If there is a change in pressure due to a leakage, this is registered by a pressure sensor that displays the defect via the engine control lamp (on-board diagnostic system).

Production of the suction jet pump will begin in 2021 at the NORMA Group plant in Pilica, Poland.
Visualization of the suction jet pump and the flow rate
Visualization of the suction jet pump and the flow rate



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