NORMA Group to equip electric pick-ups and SUVs with thermal management line systems

    • Line systems cool the drive system, the on-board electronics and the energy storage system
    • Optimal operating temperatures support performance and extend the battery life

Maintal, Germany, March 10, 2020NORMA Group, a global market leader in engineered joining technology, is developing thermal management line systems for a US manufacturer of electric vehicles. The systems will be used in the customer’s all-electric pick-up trucks and SUVs. From the end of 2020 to 2026, a total of around 250,000 vehicles will be equipped with NORMA Group’s thermal management systems.

“Innovative capacity and a focus on the technologies and business fields of the future are an integral part of our corporate strategy,” said Dr. Michael Schneider, CEO of NORMA Group. “Thanks to our focused innovation management, we are able to offer our customers individually tailored, high-quality complete solutions from a single source in the field of electromobility.”

NORMA Group’s line systems are used for the thermal management of the drive system and on-board electronics as well as the energy storage system. They help to ensure the optimal operating temperatures of the electric motor, power electronics and HVAC system. The systems also provide the connection to the thermal management system inside the battery. Optimal thermal management is an essential aspect of energy management in electric vehicles and helps to optimize battery performance and extend the battery life.

The thermal management line systems consist of thermoplastic multilayer lines. The light material offers weight savings of around 60 percent compared to conventional rubber lines. The line system for a single vehicle has a total length of around 25 meters. Quick connectors from NORMA Group are used as connecting elements for the line systems in each vehicle, including connectors of the type eM Compact, which was developed by NORMA Group especially for electromobility applications. Temperature sensors, control valves and flow limiters complement the line systems. Pipe retaining clips from NORMA Group are used to securely fix the lines in the vehicles.

The thermal management line systems are manufactured at the NORMA Group plant in Monterrey, Mexico. An on-site test laboratory supports fast product development and ongoing quality control.
A NORMA Group thermal management line system contains several connections.
A NORMA Group thermal management line system contains several connections.



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