NORMA Group to introduce particularly resilient valve boxes for water management to the European market

Maintal, Germany, July, 9 2020 NORMA Group, a global market leader in engineered joining technology, is now offering the NDS Pro-Spec series of heavy-duty valve boxes in Europe. Valve boxes are mainly used in irrigation systems for landscapes and sports fields. The boxes are used to protect irrigation components such as valves, filters and fittings from weathering, storm damage and vandalism.

“With our water management products, we help our customers to adapt to changing climatic conditions, extreme weather events, for example,” said Dr. Michael Schneider, CEO of NORMA Group. “These range from products that help save water during periods of drought to the management of large volumes of water as a result of storms. Our valve boxes protect important elements of our customers’ irrigation lines from damage caused by water and contamination.”

Valve boxes are buried in the ground and surround the valves of irrigation systems installed underground, in private gardens, parks or golf courses, for example. The valve boxes of the NDS Pro-Spec series are made of impact-resistant plastic and are 100 percent recyclable. Material and weight are reduced by the corrugated side walls that also give the boxes additional strength. The boxes can therefore also withstand heavy loads such as lawnmower tractors. Overlapping covers prevent dirt and grass from penetrating into the boxes. UV inhibitors are also processed to prevent discoloration and cracks.

NORMA Group offers the valve boxes in round and rectangular versions in numerous sizes and colors. The boxes are manufactured by the NORMA Group subsidiary NDS in Lindsay, California.

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Valve boxes are mainly installed in landscape planning and on sports fields
Valve boxes are mainly installed in landscape planning and on sports fields



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