NORMA Group wins major order for quick connectors and will equip around 10 million cars

Maintal, Germany, July 29, 2020NORMA Group has won a major order by an international car manufacturer to deliver PS3 quick connectors for cooling water systems. Up to 3.6 million cars are to be equipped every year from 2021 to 2023. The quick connectors will be used in all types of vehicles produced by the customer: in vehicles with internal combustion engine, in hybrid vehicles and in electric vehicles.

„With our products, we contribute to effective cooling in cars with conventional drives, in plug-in-hybrids as well as in pure electric cars,” said Dr. Michael Schneider, CEO of NORMA Group. “This major order proves that our products can be used with all drives and that they are competitive in all technologies. We are pleased to expand a long-term partnership with the customer.”

The PS3 connector is made of glass fiber reinforced plastic. Thanks to the “Push & Seal” mechanism and a low assembly force, the connector is easy to install. In battery-powered vehicles, the cooling water systems contribute to the optimal temperature of the batteries and thus increase the performance and range of the vehicle. Due to the advanced cooling requirements, the number of connectors installed in battery-electric vehicles is also higher.

The PS3 connectors for this order are produced in the NORMA Group plant in Pilica, Poland.

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NORMA Group’s PS3 quick connector is to be installed in around 10 million vehicles.
NORMA Group’s PS3 quick connector is to be installed in around 10 million vehicles.



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