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NORMA Group sets itself ambitious environmental targets

Maintal, Germany, October 8, 2018NORMA Group, a global market leader in engineered joining technology, has further developed its environmental strategy as part of its Corporate Responsibility management. For instance, the company has set itself quantitative targets in the areas of the climate, water and waste.

“We have further developed our environmental strategy for all of NORMA Group. Besides developing our sustainable products and product solutions, the NORMA Group’s ambitions focus specifically on production processes. In this way, we hope to bring the effects of our business activities even closer in line with the demands of society in the future,” says Bernd Kleinhens, CEO of NORMA Group.

In the area of climate protection, the company’s objectives are oriented towards science-based climate targets: Despite its steady growth, NORMA Group intends to reduce its global footprint in terms of emissions of climate-damaging greenhouse gases by 16 percent in absolute terms by 2025 compared to 2017. The company’s own production is the key element of its environmental strategy in that respect. In addition, NORMA Group will also quantify the environmental impact of its products in the supply chain and during their product life. In the water sector, the goal is to reduce consumption by two percent in relation to the sales performance per year. The company will focus in particular on its sites in regions where there is a shortage of water. Furthermore, NORMA Group is aiming to optimize its environmental balance sheet in the area of waste management and reduce the volume of waste generated also in relation to its sales performance from year to year.

The development of the environmental strategy was preceded by an intensive process of analysis and exchange, also during this year’s Stakeholder Roundtable. Dr. Michael Schneider, CFO of NORMA Group, commented: “NORMA Group sees itself as a transparent and open company. We seek a targeted exchange with our internal and external stakeholders. The results of the most recent Stakeholder Roundtable confirmed our fundamental orientation, but also provided new impetus for the further development of our environmental strategy.”

The company invited various stakeholders to the conference, which takes place once a year. Experts from the customer side and suppliers, representatives of civil society and the financial market provided suggestions and feedback that are incorporated into the further development of the environmental strategy. The strategy will be integrated into NORMA Group’s current Corporate Responsibility management system and its implementation will be reviewed regularly as part of internal and external reporting.
More information on Corporate Responsibility (CR) at NORMA Group can be found on the Corporate Responsibility Website and in the 2017 Corporate Responsibility Report.