Details on the NORMA Group share

NORMA Group shares have been listed at the Frankfurt Stock Exchange since April 8, 2011. Please find below the basic stock information data on NORMA Group shares as well as the data to the IPO in 2011.

Stock Information
Security identification numberA1H8BV
Ticker symbolNOEJ
Type of stockRegistered stock without nominal value
Stock exchangeFrankfurt Stock Exchange
Market segmentRegulated Market (Prime Standard), MDAX
Number of shares31,862,400
Free float100%
Designated SponsorCommerzbank, Bankhaus Lampe and ODDO SEYDLER BANK
Paying AgentDeutsche Bank AG

You will find information on notifications of voting rights here.

Data to the IPO
First trading day8 April 2011
Subscription period28 March to 7 April 2011
PriceEUR 21
Issuing volumeEUR 336 million
Thereof capital increaseEUR 147 million
Thereof secondary placementEUR 189 million
Type of issuancePublic offering of shares in Germany and Luxembourg as well as private placements outside Germany and Luxembourg


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