Norma Group

corporate responsibility

Transparent Employee Communication as Part of the Corporate Culture

Open and transparent communication with our employees is a natural extension of our understanding of fairness at NORMA Group. We are guided by universal values such as taking responsibility and mutual respect. Structured, ongoing dialog – including between management and employees – is an important part of our corporate philosophy.

Constant, open communication with employees is essential for our company, especially given the dynamic environment and our international structure. NORMA Group uses various communication formats such as the intranet and the “Let’s Connect” employee newspaper, as well as notice boards. It also regularly publishes “Business Updates” to inform employees about developments within NORMA Group. The company naturally complies with notice periods for employees and employee representative. GRI [G4-LA4]

Flexible employment

In 2016 NORMA Group employed 1,214 temporary workers. Here, too, it goes without saying that NORMA Group complies with the legal requirements. (Responsible Management)