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Employee Satisfaction a High Priority for NORMA Group

Our employees value the respectful and fair working environment very highly, something that is also reflected in the results of an employee satisfaction survey. NORMA Group systematically and regularly assesses employee satisfaction with this survey. On average, the “Overall employee satisfaction” indicator in the last survey conducted in 2014 was between “very satisfied” and “quite satisfied.”

NORMA Group takes measures to address any potential for improvement identified by employees in the survey. For example, an improvement to communications on the development of the company was suggested. In response, NORMA Group increased the amount of information provided to employees, in particular by putting up notices at production sites, and launched “Business Updates” as a new internal communication channel.

The very high response rate of 90 percent for the 2014 employee survey shows that NORMA Group employees are open to dialog and actively contribute suggestions for improvement. At the same time, it shows that our employees are taken seriously. The next survey is scheduled for 2017.

Good Ideas Recognised

Above and beyond the employee survey, we encourage our employees to talk about potential for improvement openly and to develop potential solutions. This makes our employees part of an ongoing innovation process. The CEO Award was launched to further motivate our employees and to reward suggestions, particularly those that add value. (Innovation)

Claim Backed by Figures

The satisfaction of our employees is reflected in the low employee turnover and low absenteeism among our many NORMA employees, for example.

These figures show that NORMA Group systematically pursues its goal of being an attractive employer for both its existing and future employees. GRI [G4-LA1]