Norma Group

corporate responsibility

Human Rights Respected in Full and at All Times

Universal human rights are always fully respected in all areas of our business activities. There is no information or evidence of cases indicating that NORMA Group has been involved in human rights abuses. NORMA Group is opposed to any kind of forced, compulsory or child labour. ILO convention numbers 138 and 182 are explicitly recognised as minimum standards. NORMA Group is not aware of any cases of child labour in Group companies or at suppliers, nor has it received any information suggesting this. NORMA Group does not offer training on human rights since this has not been an issue to date and does not represent an identifiable problem. In the same way, we are not aware of any internal or external complaints or grievances against employees due to human rights abuses. The same applies with respect to the rights of the indigenous population. GRI [G4-HR2, G4-HR5, G4-HR6, G4-HR8, G4-HR9, G4-HR12]

UK Modern Slavery Act 2015

NORMA Group categorically rejects and does not accept any form of violation of human rights. We are not only committed to prevent slavery and human trafficking in our own corporate activities but also require all our business partners to not undertake any violation of an individual´s human rights. NORMA Group fully supports the provisions set out in the “The Modern Slavery Act 2015 (Transparency in Supply Chains) Regulations 2015”. Please refer to NORMA Group´s “Slavery and Human Trafficking Statement” for further information.

Freedom of Association Respected

NORMA Group respects its employees’ rights to join labour unions and to be represented by these unions both internally and externally in accordance with the applicable national and local law in each case in line with their right of association. We are not aware of any cases in which the freedom of association or the right of collective bargaining has been at risk or violated. GRI [G4-HR4]

Promotion of Diversity

NORMA Group’s commitment includes wide-ranging measures to promote diversity and combat discrimination.
The cultural diversity of our employees is key to the success of our company. NORMA Group therefore seeks the best candidates for vacancies and offers a range of continuing professional development opportunities for talented employees. NORMA Group hires, employs and promotes employees based on their qualifications and job-relevant skills alone. Our company has also signed the Diversity Charter and organises a Diversity Day every year. (Diversity and Equal Opportunities)

Opportunities for Disabled People

At NORMA Group, we also give people with disabilities the opportunity to participate in the mainstream of professional life. In the 2016 financial year, our company employed fifty-nine disabled men and women in Germany alone. Moreover, we also support the integration of disabled people into the workplace by awarding contracts to social service providers. NORMA Group has been collaborating with Eichsfelder Werkstätten since August 2000. Founded in 1993, they are a company that handles our packaging and sorting work in addition to taking care of the green space at the NORMA Group plant located in Gerbershausen, Germany. Every day, approximately twenty Eichsfelder Werkstätten employees in Heilbad Heiligenstadt package over 50,000 clamps for our customers. In 2015, those workers processed over twelve million fastening elements.