Norma Group

corporate responsibility

Safety and Health are Top Priorities

The health of our more than 7,000 employees worldwide is the number one priority for NORMA Group. As a responsible company, NORMA Group invests comprehensively and systematically in the health of its employees and strives for continuous improvement of its healthcare. We want to fulfil our responsibility and duty to care for our employees as best we can.

We consider compliance with applicable laws in the area of health and safety as only a minimum requirement. (Responsible Management) Our measures and efforts go far beyond this: With complementary programmes, we ensure that all jobs at NORMA Group provide maximum safety and that accidents are avoided. For this purpose, we use technical means as well as training on preventing accidents at work, in particular. The low number in 2016 of only eight accidents per 1,000 employees confirms the effectiveness of our commitment in the area of occupational safety. GRI [G4-LA6]

OHSAS Certification of All Sites the Objective

The certification of our sites according to OHSAS 18001 is a key component of occupational safety at NORMA Group. The OSH management system helps us to handle security issues in a uniform manner at all our sites. Compliance with this standard is verified and confirmed externally.

At the end of 2016, we had 23 certified production sites.

Various Measures for the Prevention of Accidents at Work

Basically, only a low health risk exists for our employees at the workplaces at NORMA Group because hardly any harmful substances are used in the production processes. Nevertheless, we take the prevention of accidents at work very seriously and have employed safety committees and safety officers, among other measures. Safety committees under the direction of at least one safety officer existed at 100 percent of NORMA Group’s production sites at the end of 2015. GRI [G4-LA5, G4-LA7]

In addition, our employees are trained regularly on occupational safety to prevent such accidents. The Management Board is also informed about accidents at three-month intervals. If it is clear that action needs to be taken, NORMA Group can selectively tighten its prevention and protection measures. GRI [G4-LA2]

Occupational Safety also Part of the Supplier Code of Conduct

By having a Supplier Code of Conduct, we also commit our suppliers to comply with and respect work safety and health. NORMA Group’s objective is to take responsibility not only for its employees, but also for all other persons within the value chain. (Sustainable Supply Chain Management)