Norma Group

corporate responsibility

Employees are the Basis for Our Success

NORMA Group can only be as innovative as its employees – and so our employees are key to the success of our company. This is why we place great importance on involving them in innovation management (Innovation) and on their training and development. (Employee Development) Every day, our more than 7,000 employees at 22 production facilities and various sales sites around the world make a valuable contribution to the success of NORMA Group. (NORMA Group at a Glance)

Decentralised HR Management

In light of the international nature of NORMA Group, the company follows a decentralised approach to HR management. This enables it to meet the local needs of the production sites, in particular with respect to recruiting and HR development. All sites comply with the international standards (OHSAS 18001) to ensure a high level of occupational health and safety in particular. (Occupational Safety and Health)

Observance of Collective Agreements

Compliance with all labour laws and internationally recognised guidelines aimed at protecting employees is an intrinsic part of our corporate philosophy. Accordingly, these requirements have also been incorporated into NORMA Group’s compliance policies.

NORMA Group respects its employees’ rights to join labour unions and to be represented by these unions both internally and externally in accordance with the applicable national and local law in each case in line with their right of association. (Responsible Management) There are employee representative bodies at our sites in Germany, France, Sweden, Serbia, the Czech Republic, India, as well as at individual sites in Mexico and the USA. Due to the legal conditions, it is impossible to determine the percentage of employees who are organised in a union. GRI [G4-11]

Low Fluctuation Proof of High Satisfaction

Fair and responsible treatment of its employees is fundamental to NORMA Group. The low fluctuation and high satisfaction of our employees affirms our approach. (Employee Satisfaction)