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At NORMA Group, your connection with us is the one we value the most. It begins by establishing strong connections between teams, organizations, beyond regions and across industries. It is this unique approach to client partnerships that has proven successful for over 60 years.

The key to this success is in giving you access to a comprehensive network – where application know-how and insight are shared cross-functionally and throughout our international sales, manufacturing and distribution facilities.

Emission Control

NORMA Group Americas-EJT works with our OEM customers to minimize the size and weight of engines, reduce fuel consumption, improve vehicle performance and lower permeation rates. Customers know when it comes to exhaust systems, NORMA Group produces the highest-quality solutions with exceptional performance and durability.

Cooling System

NORMA Group Americas-EJT is helping our OEM customers in their downsizing efforts. We are constantly striving to support their efforts to reduce engine weight and ultimately reduce permeation rate. NORMA’s hose clamp, quick connector and fluid system solutions are designed to help reduce space and weight, facilitate assembly and reduce emissions.

Air Intake & Induction

NORMA Group Americas-EJT strives to eliminate and minimize the number of potential leak paths. When we produce a high quality solution with a safe seal connection, we help reduce breakdowns and leakages. By providing technological and innovative strengths, there is a NORMA Group answer for a wide range of air intake and induction requirements.