Breeze Super-Seal HD

The BREEZE Super-Seal is the latest breakthrough in clamping technology for EPDM rubber or silicone hose connections in fluid applications. Available with Belleville springs (Heavy Duty HD) or without, this next generation clamp features a worm-drive closure mechanism with a high dynamic compensation range, as well as a high-pressure, double-bead profile designed to prevent leaks and secure hose connections. The Super-Seal clamp is equipped with two high pressure sealing lines around the entire perimeter and a recessed hardware attachment that provides a 360-degree seal.

1. High-performance compensating clamp allows use of lower cost hose material (EPDM)
2. Increased blow-off strength
3. Modular design allows for additional compensation when required
4. Requires no special tools for installation - quick and easy assembly
5. Provides a high degree of security in critical applications.