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Engineered Joining Technology

Global megatrends are the driving force behind reductions in all sorts of areas including emissions, leakages, weight and size. To meet these challenges, great products are only part of the equation. With its extensive experience, NORMA Group not only offers you over 35,000 different products, but also a comprehensive range of services and know-how based on years of experience across a wide range of different industries.
In short, the NORMA Group portfolio supports you throughout the entire process from concept to delivery – a portfolio worth more than the sum of its parts.


NORMA Group has long been identified as the industry benchmark, producing innovative, high-quality and reliable products. From this position NORMA Group has assisted thousands of companies across a wide variety of industries with innovative solutions that push development boundaries further than ever before. Our advanced range of OEM clamps, connectors and fluid systems instead of fittings take your products to the next level.


Work with NORMA Group and you gain access to a tailored range of services to suit the demands of your industry and your development process. This is thanks to our state-of the-art laboratories where NORMA Group engineers work to continually optimize materials, shapes and structures using the latest design technology. By working close together we
identify the right services for your needs, utilizing the right resources and supporting you throughout the process.


With over 60 years of experience, we’ve come to realize that even though there are specific requirements in each and every project, there can also be many similarities.
When you choose to work with us, you benefit from international sharing of know-how, knowledge of legislative requirements and market insight from an international database with thousands of projects, applications and design methods. Not to mention years of experience across a huge range of different applications. Everyone at NORMA Group is a specialist in their own field.

Emission Control

Reducing permeation rates is important to us. We strive to achieve smaller engines that weigh less, require less fuel and perform better.

Our customers choose NORMA Group because they know high quality products are cost-effective. We offer complete connectors, fluid systems and clamping solutions that fulfill your requirements.

Cooling System

Our mission is to downsize. When it comes to designing an engine, we are constantly striving to maximize engine weight loss to ultimately reduce the permeation rates. We are proud to say that with our newly designed cooling systems, we help our customers reach weight loss targets.

We believe that thinking smaller can make a big difference.

Air Intake & Induction

When it comes to designing air flow systems, we are constantly striving to maximize engine weight loss to ultimately reduce the permeation rates.

Leakages can be detrimental to manufacturers, drivers and of course the environment. When we produce our high quality products with a safe seal connection, we help reduce breakdowns and leakages.

We believe in a cleaner and greener environment.