NORMA Group's CAS systems for transport or ventilation of compressed air. How does it work ? The compressed air of the compressor flows in the air reservoir via the pressure regulator which automatically regulates the operating pressure in the tractor‘s air brake system. From the air reservoir the air flows to the solenoid valVe, to the 2-line trailer control valve, to the 1-line trailer control valve and finally to the red coupling head. In the 1-line trailer control valve the pressure is limited to 5,3 bar and is available on this level on the coupling head 1-line.

If a trailer with a 2-line air brake system is connected, the supply pressure of 8,1 bar flows via the red coupling heads to the trailer. At this connection the compressed air passes through the pipe filter and the trailer brake valve and reaches the air reservoir. To supply a second trailer with compressed air, the trailer is equipped with two more coupling heads / supply and brake. These are directly connected to the supply line and the control line in front of the trailer brake valve.

• Highly sophisticated performance.
• Low weight.
• Easy and quick assembly/disassembly.
• High flexibility.
• Excellent value/ price relation.
• Recycling.