The Breeze CONSTANT-TORQUE® is a breakthrough in clamping technology. A belleville spring mechanism permits the CONSTANT-TORQUE® clamp to automatically increase or decrease its own diameter due to changes in operational or environmental temperatures. This unique design eliminates “cold flow” leaks. Both the Aero-Seal and Heavy Duty construction CT clamps have an extended inner liner which protects all types of hoses from damage and helps maintain consistent sealing pressure.

• The premium hose clamp for truck/heavy equipment/bus and performance industry
• Recommended for use on turbo exhaust sleeves, heater hoses, coolant hoses, intake systems
• Virtually unlimited product life – won’t rust or corrode and is reusable
• Soft hoses – cover gear slots in band to protect all types of hoses from damage
• No special tools needed for installation
• Eliminates the sometimes necessary replacement of expensive “single use” clamps during routine or emergency maintenance
• Prevents massive and costly loss of engine coolant