The thermoformed lines ventilating the cooling water circuit is what we call cooling water ventilation (CWV). These thermoformed lines are connected to the cooling water lines at critical areas where air, which is in the cooling water line, can exhaust. If the lines fail to work, the air in the circuit cannot cool and the engine ultimately breaks. This product is recommended to be used in the engine bay of a passenger vehicle.

• Quality – reduces the number of joints
• Cost reduction (part price) by up to 40%
• Reduces assembly time
• Reduces weight by up to 75%
• Realizes very small diameters


The V3 is designed for coolant vent lines. To guarantee that the product can resist cooling-water, the V3 is made two parted. The housing is made of materials resistant to cooling water and the lock ring is made of flexible material.

• Simple Design.
• Cost effective and reliable.
• No tool required.
• To save space, it only has a half locking ring and is designed with an anti-rotation feature.


RS/RSGU pipe retaining clips are suitable for all kinds of fastening and retaining applications: pipes, cables, cable harnesses, cable protection pipes, hoses and other lines.

• Easy installation and secure fastening
• Reinforced band ends for extremely high mechanical loads
• Rubber profile protects against vibrations and creeping water, is sound-absorbent and protects against contact corrosion
• No single parts for the customer