Quick Connectors

• Leakproof connections
• Fast assembly
• Sturdy, compact design

NORMA® Fuel Line Repair Kit

One stop solution to repair defective fuel lines quickly and effectively


Top sealing performance & robust design


High safety performance

SR Single-Lock

Easy and secure with Single-Lock feature


Quick assembly & compact design.

Hose Connectors

• Extremely strong
• Resistant to abrasion
• Reliable and durable

Hose Connectors

Durable hose and pipe connection

The NORMA® Group is a world-leading manufacturer of joining and fixing solutions for the automotive industry. It offers a wide selection of high-quality, robust quick connectors for use in fuel systems, oil systems and other lines that transport media. Their compact, lightweight design helps to cut costs and save weight in vehicles. They are also suitable for installation in very tight spaces.

Robust elements for fluid transport

NORMAQUICK® S quick connectors are attached to their counterparts (spigots) to connect a fluid system with a technical component. They transport air, fuel, oil, cooling water, battery fluid and other fluids. Each has a locking mechanism at the head made of metal or plastic to ensure safe fluid transport.

NORMAQUICK® S quick connectors are sealed with O-rings that can withstand temperatures from 40° to +125°C depending on the application. Custom-made seals are also available.

NORMAQUICK® quick connectors and NORMAPLAST® hose connectors are available in a fir tree design (standard connection for plastic tubes), in a welded interface design (robust connection for plastic tubes) and as hose connection pieces (standard connection for rubber hoses attached by means of hose clips).

Single-Lock connectors: reliable installation, secure connection

Single-lock connectors have a chamfer design-based locking mechanism for reliable connection of fuel lines. Here the safety requirements are especially rigorous: fuel must never leak from the tank or engine of a vehicle. The chamfer feature in the connector locks the retainer under pressure ensuring 100% reliable connection.

NORMA® Fuel Line Repair Kit: effective repair of fuel lines

The Fuel Line Repair Kit makes repair jobs easy and quick. Step-by-step instructions help you finish the work in less than five minutes – with spare parts in OEM quality. The kit includes NORMAQUICK® quick connectors, NORMAQUICK® adapters and all the parts needed for up to eight fuel lines. The parts are easy to reorder.

Large selection of hose connectors and quick connectors

The NORMA Group offers a broad range of products to meets its customers’ needs when it comes to fluid transport. It has decades of expertise in this area, enabling it to respond effectively to rising safety requirements. It can also configure quick connectors and hose connectors according to customers’ individual needs. This includes special housings, retainers, sealing rings and brackets.

Additionally, the NORMA Group offers all the necessary tools, kits and displays.