Worm Drive Hose Clamps

• High breaking torque
• Static without spring, dynamic with spring
• Extreme clamping force
• Protects hose


The highly versatile clamp


There is only one Original


Constant tension clamp


The strongest worm-gear clamp in the world


The industry's gold standard for more than 50 years


Long-lasting automatic re-tensioning effect

One Piece Hose Clamp

• Quick and easy to fit
• Bolt-free
• Good distribution of clamping force


Quick to install even in tight spaces

COBRA Assortment kit type 500K

Most common clamp sizes at hand

CV Boot Clamp

Two clamps cover a clamping range of 25-120 mm

Ear Clip Pro360

360° uniform compression sealing


Ensures automatic re-tensioning effect

FBS Assortment

The right springband hose clamp always at hand

Heavy Duty Clamps

• Outstanding clamping force
• Sturdy
• High band tensile forces


Durable solution for quick & safe clamping

ABA MINI Assortment 120

Most common clamp sizes at hand


Best solution for charged air


Exceptionally high level of band tensile force


Robust solution since 1949

The NORMA Group offers you a wide range of high-quality hose clips, used in mechanical engineering, in the chemical industry, in sanitation, in irrigation systems and in automotive applications to name but a few. In every field, hose clips are used to fasten the hose ends to connection sockets or hose connectors.

Simple to fit, easy to handle

The most common type of hose clip is the worm drive clip. It has three components: the band, the screw and the housing. Hose clips are used to attach a hose to a connection socket and provide a seal. They must be tightened according to the specification for the given type; the maximum permissible torque must not be exceeded.

Comprehensive range – with the market leader

At the NORMA Group, the hose clips are mostly of stainless steel and galvanized steel. The range includes worm drive clips, one piece clips and trunnion clips. All products meet the highest requirements in terms of durability and sealing force.

The most popular hose clips on the market include the NORMA TORRO® and TORRO® WF (wave spring). In many branches of industry, the NORMA TORRO® is still regarded as the benchmark for modern clip design – and it can be found in almost every workshop. On average, the NORMA Group in Germany produces about six million TORRO® clips a week.

In addition to its own hose clips, the NORMA Group also offers a further brand for hose clips: ABA. This is the flagship brand of the NORMA Group, and it can look back on more than 120 years of expertise. ABA and NORMA clips are synonymous with quality, reliability and safety.

Large selection of band widths and clamping ranges

To cater for all the needs of our clients, the NORMA Group offers products with different band widths and clamping ranges: for example, in the case of the TORRO® worm drive clip with clamping range according to DIN 3017, from 8–16 mm to 140–160 mm and larger diameters are available on request. Whether the size you require is available can be seen from the PDF file in the product description for the respective hose clip.

Our range additionally includes the matching tools, sets, assortment boxes and displays – to suit your own ideas perfectly.