Fuel & Oil Systems

Fuel & Oil Systems

Pipes for fuel and oil need to be leakproof – for the sake of the environment and better efficiency. Our state-of-the-art connectors are made of resistant material to supply fuel to the engine cleanly and to keep pollution to a minimum. Furthermore, our products are easy to handle and quick to install.


Durable solution for quick & safe clamping

ABA MINI Assortment 120

Most common clamp sizes at hand


Quick to install even in tight spaces

COBRA Assortment kit type 500K

Most common clamp sizes at hand


Ensures automatic re-tensioning effect

FBS Assortment

The right springband hose clamp always at hand

Hose Connectors

Durable hose and pipe connection

NORMA® Fuel Line Repair Kit

One stop solution to repair defective fuel lines in under five minutes


High safety performance


Easy and secure with Single-Lock feature


Quick assembly & compact design.