V-Band Clamps

  • Quick, reliable assembly
  • Resistant to extreme temperatures
  • QRC closure = ultra-fast assembly
  • Compact, effective & light


Quick release for rapid assembly


Made for performance in extreme temperatures


Resists extreme temperatures up to 1,000°C

Why V-Band Clamps from NORMA®?

The NORMA Group offers a wide range of high-quality V-band clamps, primarily for diesel and petrol car engines as well as light and heavy-duty utility vehicles. Why is this? Unlike threaded flange connections, V-band clamps can be fitted to and removed from exhaust systems extremely quickly. To ensure a secure flange connection, only one screw has to be tightened, saving you time and money with each application.

Alongside easy handling and quick assembly time, every stainless steel clamp from the NORMA Group also benefits from compact design: regardless of the pipe diameter, it requires only a minimal amount of space in the engine compartment. A further advantage of the V-band clamp over a traditional flange connection is its low weight, reducing the total engine load.

If a V-band clamp is not tight, consumption increases. Spare parts from the NORMA Group are therefore not only compact and effective, but also reliable: all products meet the highest standards with regard to tightness and durability.

What sets NORMA Group products apart? All connections are perfectly matched to the flange and tested in accordance with OEM specifications. That’s what makes the difference in terms of tightness, temperature resistance and operating life.

What types of V-band clamps are available?

Our V-band products can essentially be divided into two groups: VPP (V-Pressed Profile) and V-band clamps. VPP clamps are used as the high-volume, standard solution for petrol engines with multiple turbochargers; these clamps can withstand extreme exhaust temperatures of up to 1,050°C. V-band clamps, on the other hand, are suitable for use in series production in low volumes, where the exhaust temperature range is up to 850°C – such as in diesel engines and heavy-duty vehicles. In order to meet all our customers’ requirements, we offer products in a range of pipe diameters: from the 63.5 mm V-band clamp, to the 70 mm V-band clamp, through to the 89 mm V-band clamp. To check whether the size you require is available, please consult the PDF brochure of the relevant V-band product.