Pipe Clamps - Exhaust Pipe Clamp

High-strength fastener hardware with corrosion-resistant coating
    Easy to assemble
      Reaction block serves as a defined stop, avoiding pipe deformation

        Unique seal clamp

        The NORMACONNECT® AccuSeal offers an innovative reaction block technology to provide a full 360 degree equal distribution of clamping force, prohibiting pipe distortion while completing a unique seal around the joined exhaust components with high clamp load. The exhaust connections are serviceable and easy to disassemble.


        • Simple, effective way to connect exhaust system components
        • Unique seal and high clamp loads are provided without permanent distortion to exhaust members
        • Provides joint serviceability
        • Durable installation without damage to pipe ends
        • Designed for part-in-assembly attachment
        • Superior clamp load capability


        • For connecting exhaust system components
        • Assembled, serviceable joint for use on all slotted rigid pipe
        • Pipes, mufflers and converters

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